Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Upcoming Game for iPhone

Well... bad news first. The Matrix Phone are not going to be on App Store any sooner. Apparently it is too close to the movie The Matrix thus there is a copyright issue (although I have avoided reference to The Matrix in the application description) . Maybe I would negotiate with Walt Brothers about authorization; but that would be after my next game publishes.

Ok, the next game: Smart Brick. You can think it as a 3D version of Tetris. Instead of filling an 2D plane as in Tetris, the user should fill a 3D volume using bricks that stretches on all three dimensions. It is not a fresh idea actually, there are several versions of 3D Tetris over the web; however, the key is not about the idea, it's about the control. Manipulating bricks in a 3D space, like flipping and movement in three dimensions is far more complicated than in 2D. It will leads to frustration and fun-less-ness. However, thanks to the multi-touch technology of iPhone, "3D Tetris" is made possible. Screenshots and demos will go online soon. Stick closely.

It is also planned to port Smart Brick on iPad - natively, not "stretched" up. But not until I get the product. I need to wait longer because I actually want the 3G version.

For the end of the post, a little tip for the mix C++/Objective C development:

You can have C++ classes as parameters of Objective C functions. However, Objective C does not allow namespace syntax, the "::", in the function declaration. So you need to put a namespace using at the top of your Objective C header. It's kind of nasty, and I still prefer plain C struct as means of communication between C++ and Objective C.

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