Monday, May 31, 2010

Smart Brick Lite is Available in App Store

Smart Brick Lite is LIVE in Apple Store! Have a free trial:


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Smar Brick is LIVE on App Store!

Smart Brick is a puzzle game that challenges and trains your 3D space sense, packed with simplistic art style. your need to arrange bricks of different colors with a proper orientation within given time, in order to fill up layers and resolve them. Each level has its unique design not only to entertain, but also to move people emotionally. Intuitive multi-touch control enables manipulation of 3D objects in 3D spaces with ease.


- Full 3D graphics running smoothly at 40 FPS (on iPhone 3GS)
- Variant level designs with different pace, play styles and goals
- Smooth and intuitive multi touch control
- different sets of bricks, suiting from newbies to experts
- Multiple relaxed casual levels to spend time on, each has a distinct theme
- Full dynamic animation and background
- A highscore board where you can challenge yourself or your friends

How to play:

- Double tap the brick to drop it
- Press on the brick and hold to drag it around
- Tab the spinning rectangles around the brick to turn it in the shown direction
- Try fill up a full layer to make it disappear and score!

Game modes:

- Elimination: you must resolve specific bricks that scattered in the level to win. Some are hard to reach, and time is limited.
- Time Killer: have some time to spend on bus or subway? Relax and score as much as you can in the beatiful levels. No time limit.

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