Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Matrix Phone demo, and technical thoughts

The Matrix Phone is a simple application that simulates the digital rain effect seem in my favorite movie trilogy The Matrix.

The first demo version of The Matrix Phone is complete. Please check out the video attached (I hope this one has a higher resolution than YouTube!).

I will submit this app to the App Store soon... Please wait patiently.

Now... the technical discussion. (Ignore the following if you are not a true geek)
The Matrix Phone supports only iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod Touch since it uses OpenGL 2.0, and OpenGL 2.0 is not backwards compatible. Since the resolution of the video is low, it is hard to see the glow and the interlaced scan line effect that intentionally simulates the old CRT (please see the screenshot); the effect is done through a pixel shader... (maybe it is an over kill, maybe it can also be implemented using blending of the old-school Open GL 1)

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